Cheverny Castle, a must-go of the French tourism

27 November 2017

The places of interest for a tourism trip in France are not lacking, but Cheverny Castle and the Loire valley are an international touristic destination you will not regret going to. The landscapes tell the story of this region filled with history. The activity offers in this Loire castle is varied and adapted to an all-age public.

A guided visit that will take you back in time

One of the main activities offered in Cheverny castle is obviously a guided visit of the castle, to narrate the history of this unique place, cornerstone of the pays de la loire tourism. Fascinating and unexpected, this visit will not leave you bored, that is for sure. As you arrive to the Château de Cheverny, you will also see that there are gorgeous verdant gardens in the surroundings, organized in different themes. Apprentice’s garden, vegetable garden, tulip garden, maze, park … Different atmospheres to please all different kinds of taste.

The castle itself beholds plenty of interesting and beautiful things to see for yourself : fancy furniture, private apartments, a surprising and moving birth chamber, medieval weapons, and even unexpected treasures ! Visiting this place will please the whole family, from children to elderly people.

Exhibitions to widen your knowledge spectrum

But a historic visit is not the only attraction in Cheverny castle, various exhibitions can also let you discover things that you wouldn’t have suspected. To realize the influence this specific castle had amongst the Loire valley castles, the best solution remains to go there to learn it. Did you for instance know that Cheverny castle is the one that inspired Hergé Marlinspike Hall ? Therefore, you can find a permanent exhibition in the Tintin museum, to dive straight into the universe of the comics. Costumes, exclusive rooms, enigmas and much more.

Sometimes, temporary exhibitions appear as well, such as the Fables of La Fontaine LEGO one. It reproduces characters from the world-known fables made from LEGO. That is a guaranteed success with the younger ones, most of the kids love LEGOs. But they do not only aim at diverting kids, they also have a strong intellectual interest for grown-ups as well. So do not let doubt pollute your mind, and hurry to Cheverny Castle, this is a once-in-a-lifetime trip that you will not regret.

Cheverny Castle and the Loire valley have so much to offer to the tourists in terms of culture and activities, it would be a shame not to enjoy this opportunity. With adapted and luxurious accommodation such as the Suites of Cheverny as icing on the cake, your trip to the Loire valley promises to be unforgettable. Book your tickets and plan your next vacation straight away, you know where you are going !

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